Importance of Video Content in Digital Marketing

Importance of Video Content in Digital Marketing

Published : January 5, 2021 - 0 Comments

Video content has become an essential part of marketing strategies. The best way to establish an emotional and human connect with the customers is through creative and striking visual elements. Digital platforms have a lot to offer, if a brand wants to stand out their social media content must be interesting and catchy. Visual elements grab more attention as compared to textual content hence, video marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing.

Its crucial to make video content a part of digital marketing campaigns. Discussed below are the importance of video content-

  • Conversions- Videos are successful when it comes to increase in conversions and sales. According to some studies putting up product videos on landing page leads to 80% rise in conversions. Visual stimuli dominate are senses, researches have proven that explainer videos of products lead to considerable rise in sales and therefore video content should be exciting and creative.
  • Search Engine Optimization- Video content is important for brand website and other social media pages. Users spend longer time on a website when they watch a video. This gives the signal that there is quality content on the website and google improves your search engine position. Using optimized keywords in titles and meta description, giving backlinks in YouTube videos increases website visitors.
  • Builds Trust- Brand videos promoted via influencers and YouTubers enhances product credibility among their followers. Instagram and Snapchat videos give real time insight into a brandsworking process which is a great tool to build trust and engage customers.
  • Customer Engagement- As discussed before visual elements are better in catching audience attention. Video content gives people the insight about a product in real action. Video content with engaging audio is better to make the customers aware about a brand as no one today prefers to spend more time on reading product descriptions.
  • Social Shares- Keep the brand video entertaining. Social media users prefer to share video which they relate and enjoy watching. Whether these are videos circulated on WhatsApp or stories on Instagram, if the video content is too informative or all about brand people won’t share it. Therefore, video content on social media should be trendy and exciting.
  • Technology- Today maximum people use internet mainly on their smartphones. There is a diverse range of users one can cater through digital marketing. Social media platforms offer various tools like live videos, stories, IGTV and many more that facilitate video content.

The Bottom Line

Video content is the most popular form of mass media communication. There is no doubt about that humans tend get attracted more towards visuals over any other stimuli. Digital marketing should consider video content, even though it is still not cheap to produce but social media platforms provide many options to create effective videos. Whether the video is made using a smartphone or a professional camera, if the content is good people are going to watch it. Keep creating fresh content and make complete use of the opportunities social media has to offer for digital marketing.

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