“Everything we do, we do it for you”

We identify the right target audience for a successful ad campaign for better visibility and higher ROI.

Programmatic & Non-programmatic buying, planning & execution

At Imarti, through Programmatic & Non-programmatic buying, planning & execution, we purchase advertising space and customize the message to showcase it to the right person, at the right time. This means we target a specific type of audience that you wish to exhibit your advertising, keeping in mind the different demographics like age, gender and social standing. We follow a process ensuring your campaign effectively marks its presence on different platforms.

Banking on the team of professionals, we organize the insights of the audience, design compelling creatives and get it boosted across different screens and finally measure the impact. This not only helps in providing a combined view of audiences but also their engagement, thereby building better brand credibility.

What Programmatic and Non-Programmatic Advertising?

It is because you want to reach your intended target audience in a faster and efficient manner. Below mentioned are few advantages of this services.


Increased Transparency & Control


Better Return On Investment


Real-Time Measurement


Greater Targeting Capabilities


Enhance The Reach Of Audience

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